Meet Antoinette


Like most of us, Antoinette's life is full of twist and turns, adventures and challenges, which have brought her to  doing what she loves; thinking creatively to make living more fun, comfortable and pleasurable.

Antoinette trained initially as a nurse and then took further training in social work. "I was encouraged to do nursing, but I really wanted to go to Art College. I went off on a motorbike for a holiday and whilst I was travelling through Europe, I realised I wasn't ready for it after all.  I had an epiphany, a change of heart.”  Antoinette gained a place at Art College in England and loved every moment studying Fine Art.

After Art College, Antoinette, returned to her career in social work, but was again drawn back into the art world, working in galleries, at exhibitions and for art dealers. As an art agent, Antoinette has found her own path, cultivating relationships with Irish fine artists who share her passion and values, giving her special access to original, new paintings for a discerning clientele.

Meanwhile, in her spare time, Antoinette used her art and design skills on all her friend's and family's houses who had been inspired by how she had refurbished her own period home and wanted her interior design magic brought into their own homes. Taking a career break from social work to bring up her family, she returned to Ireland to live in West Cork. Antoinette's first major interior design project came from a chance meeting at a Yoga and Meditation Seminar, when chatting with a lady who'd just returned from abroad and was eager to make her outdated new house a home. It began with re-designing the sitting room and developed into a six year relationship which would transform the entire house.

One job has led to another, builders have recommended her and through word of mouth she has grown a loyal clientele. The Art College portfolio is still in the attic and Antoinette is yet to resume her fine art, but practising interior design has brought together her skills of understanding our practical needs and creating beautiful homes.